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Advent Times is a Seventh-day Adventist ministry dedicated to proclaiming the final warning message heralded by the three angels messages located in Revelation 14. The Bible coupled with the spirit of prophecy identify key waymarks set up by the Lord in his past dealing with his people which is needful for God’s Children to understand in order to stand in these last days. The three angels messages are an immoveable platform that can be located throughout history and through the prophetic line of history we can show the things that have been will declare the things that will be. We are the last generation and our publications, articles and audio focus on present truth messages that are designed to prepare a people to meet the Sunday law crisis and Jesus Christ our precious Lord and Saviour.

Our website will soon be published @ http://www.adventtimes.com featuring newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings and much more.

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Advent Times

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